Juliane Sommer

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Juliane Sommer began her artistic journey with a design studies in Hamburg and quickly gained recognition with an award at the International Girmes Design Award. As a lecturer at HAW Hamburg, she shares her knowledge and experience, while also contributing as an active member of artist associations like BBK Hamburg and GEDOK Hamburg. Since 1997, her works have been showcased in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Sommer’s artistic oeuvre stands as a testament to the principles of modern abstract expressionism, focusing heavily on the conveyance of emotions and personal narratives over the literal accuracy of representation. Her creations engage in a sophisticated dance of understated shades punctuated by vivid accents, establishing a visual rhythm that imbues each piece with a sense of depth and kinetic energy. Characterized by textures that evoke notions of natural deterioration and rebirth, her artwork weaves a complex tapestry of life’s transient beauty. The deliberate contrasts within her pieces—a harmony of soft colours against the delicate intricacies of botanical motifs—craft a narrative of quiet contemplation and introspective peace.

In exploring the dynamic equilibrium between vibrancy and subtlety, Sommer’s paintings muse on the themes of chaos and serenity, mirroring the multifaceted essence of human experience. Her approach to contemporary abstract art, marked by openness and experimental zeal, beckons viewers into a deep exploration of materiality and the artist’s profound engagement with her surroundings. Sommer skillfully navigates through minimalist sensibilities and the rich, layered depths of abstract expressionism, employing bold strokes and a resonant color palette to transform the canvas into a domain of visceral emotion. This intentional lack of definitive imagery encourages a personal journey of interpretation, allowing each viewer to encounter the art on deeply individual terms, thus fostering a unique and intimate connection with the work.

Photo credits: Heike Günther